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Japanese souffle pancakes

Japanese souffle pancakes are an amazing mouth watering dessert that is unfortunately not easily available to buy. For those who saw those fabulous photos online and would like to attempt to make them at home I show an easy recipe that anyone can follow and make those great cotton-like pancakes for themselves.

On my journey to find the best recipe, I tried them all!! I was never able to get the beautiful high, fluffy pancakes you can buy in Asia, without using the metal rings. they always deflated straight after taking them from the pan. So I decided to just use the rings and enjoy the souffle pancakes without much fuss;) Here is my recipe:


for 2 pancakes

2 eggs

2tbsp of buttermilk

2tbsp of caster sugar

2tbsp of flour

1/2tsp of vanilla extract


  1. Place the pan, big and deep enough to fit two 9cm in diameter, 5cm high rings easily (so you can cover them with a lid), on the low heat (on the scale 0-9 I am using 3). Brush a little bit of oil on the bottom.

  2. Prepare the metal rings around 9cm in diameter and 5 cm high. I am using presentation rings. But you can make them with a cardboard strip covered with aluminium foil - I used to use them myself.

  3. Separate the eggs. Mix the egg yolks with buttermilk and vanilla extract.

  4. To the egg whites add sugar and whip until soft peaks - do not whip to stiff peaks!

  5. Add egg yolk mixture and whip just couple of seconds to combine. Add sieved flour and whip quickly just to incorporate - you can do this with a spatula or hand whisk to be gentler and not to deflate the whites.

  6. Place the rings in the pan, put strips of baking paper inside. Pour the batter into two rings. Sprinkle some water on the sides of the pan, so it does not get under the pancakes. Cover with lid and cook for 15 minutes. Make sure to add water if needed - when it evaporates.

  7. Prepare the serving plates. I usually serve the pancakes with whipped cream, some fruits and chocolate sauce. Traditionally they are usually served with ice creams;)

  8. Take the lid off and touch very gently the top of the pancakes. If your finger does not leave any marks and the cake is a bit springy to the touch - it is ready. You can remove the rings, and gently remove the baking paper from around the pancakes. They might deflate just tiny bit.

  9. You can turn them over to give a bit of colour to the top side - but do not leave them for more than 1-2 minutes to cook.

  10. Serve straight from the pan. They should not deflate when you take them out of the heat, but they just taste best when still warm:)


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