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I am a full time beautician working mobile in London. My work takes most of my time but I love it. I like meeting new people and spending time with them,  I do my best to help them and it is very satisfying when I can make them happy.  In private I enjoy cooking, baking and of course eating! As I try to have a healthy diet I do not eat much and thus I am very particular about my food. Good quality ingredients are the must, and of course the taste and the visual part count as well. That is why I prefer to prepare my meals myself so I can control what exactly is used to make them:)

My big passion is sport - especially skiing, and traveling. As I have only limited amount of holidays per year I always consider well my next destination and prepare for the trip to make the most out of it. 

That is me in nutshell, I hope you will find some of the information on this blog helpful and that you enjoy reading it:)

Thanks for submitting!

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