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Meringue Nests with Whipped Cream, Raspberries and Pistachios

In this recipe I explain how to make perfect white, light and crispy meringue in a shape of a tall nest, that can be filled with cream of your choice and served with fresh fruit. Those can be prepared in advanced and filled later (store in an airtight container and fill just before you serve so they remain crispy).

It is a great dessert - light and crispy, and what is best - you can make it in no time at all. Make sure you have some of those white beauties in the cupboard to enjoy whenever you are in a mood for a sweet treat;)


for 10 nests:

2 large egg whites (80 gram)

100 gram caster sugar

1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar or one teaspoon of lemon juice


  1. Before placing any egg whites into a bowl make sure the bowl is perfectly clean from any oil residue (clean it well with soap and water and then swipe dry with kitchen paper). Even the tiniest bit of oil will make it impossible to get a good meringue!! The same applies to the whipping element.

  2. Put the egg whites into a bowl, add cream of tartar or lemon juice and sugar. Whip at the beginning on a low sped to dissolve most of the sugar - to avoid having a grainy meringue later. Increase the speed of whipping to maximum and whip for around 10 minutes. Your meringue should have a consistency of a very stiff cream - easy to pipe and holding shape.

  3. Heat up the oven to 90oC.

  4. Prepare the baking tray. Put some baking paper on the bottom and stick the corners to the tray with a bit of meringue (video), or you can use a baking mat if you have one.

  5. Transfer the meringue to the piping bag and attach the piping nuzzle of your choice (it comes out even nicer if you use a star one instead of round as in my case). Pipe first the round bottom of the nest and then very slowly and carefully the walls. Make sure that one layer is very precisely on top of the previous one so the nest is not wobbly.

  6. Bake the nests for 2 hours. Then turn off the oven and leave them inside until the oven is completely cold (or overnight).

  7. Enjoy with whipped cream and fruits of your choice or store in an airtight container for future use. I like them most with whipped cream, raspberries and pistachios:)


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