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Eggs royale with avocado.

Eggs royale - a combination of poached egg on toast with smoked salmon - if that does not already makes your mouth water then wait...

What if I add a smooth avocado and cream cheese paste with chives to it? Still hesitant.... Hmmm... let's take it to yet another level and change a toast to a slice of fresh bread fried on butter? If you are still not convinced then you have never tasted it before or simply have just eaten a hearty meal and nothing will tempt you for a while;)

My version of this already luxurious breakfast will make you a start for your whole family and friends - they will beg for a second and possibly a third helping, so make at least couple more to have them ready;)


(for 2 servings)

  • 2 eggs

  • 30g cream cheese

  • 1 ripe avocado

  • 200g smoked salmon slices

  • chopped chives

  • 2 slices of wholegrain sourdough bread

  • knob of butter

  • olive oil

  • salt


  • cling film

  • ramekins

  • glass

  • frying pan

  • pan with boiling water

  • round cookie cutter


  1. Put the frying pan on the heat and add a knob of butter to melt - you can add a bit of olive oil so the butter will not burn. Fry the slices of bread to your liking on both sides.

  2. Put a small drop of olive oil into each ramekin and spread on the bottom and sides - this way the salmon will not stick to the walls. Place the salmon slices into ramekins so they cover completely the bottom and walls.

  3. Prepare the avocado paste - peel and stone the avocado, place it in the bowl and smash with a fork until it is smooth. Add cream cheese and most of the chives (leave some for decoration). Mix well to get a uniform paste - season with salt.

  4. Poach the eggs - you can do it anyway you like. Mine is an easy way;) Put the cling film into the glass so there is a dent deep enough to hold an egg. Put a drop of olive oil on the bottom. Crack an egg and drop the inside into the cling film. Gather the edges of the cling film and bind together to create a parcel. Do the same with all the eggs. Put all the parcels at the same time into the boiling water. Boil for 4 minutes to have a runny yolk or longer for harder yolk. (for detailed instructions please watch the video).

  5. In the meantime cut the round shapes out of the fried bread - similar in size to the ramekins.

  6. Remove the eggs from the cling film straight to the ramekins. Put a full spoon of avocado paste on top and spread evenly - be gentle as not to burst the eggs.

  7. Cover with bread circle and flip any remaining salmon pieces on top.

  8. Flip the ramekins on the plate. Move the ramekins a bit to release the content - not too quick as not to destroy the salmon. Decorate with chives and serve immediately if you want your egg to be still warm.


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